VIVOBAREFOOT: What is barefoot running and why should I try it?


"Barefoot" doesn't have to mean without shoes. VIVOBAREFOOT shoes have minimal cushioning and allow your feet to work as they evolved to do, while protecting them from damage. They also permit a natural gait.


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Fossils of our ancestors show that we evolved as distance runners. 

We have three natural gaits: walking, running and sprinting, but jogging with a heel strike is an artifical movement fostered by bulky running shoes.

When you land on your heels, with your foot ahead of your centre of gravity, every stride puts the brakes on and sends shockwaves up your body. This makes running harder work and can increase your risk of injury.

You can't land on your heels when you run barefoot, because it hurts - you have to land on the ball of the foot. 

We spend so much time in shoes that we have forgotten how to use our toes, and our musculature lacks the strength and flexibility that it needs to run naturally.


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The good news is that you can learn how to run as nature intended. It's  not a quick process - you can't unlearn a lifetime of shoe-wearing in just a couple of weeks. The videos on the VIVOBAREFOOT website show some of the drills that you'll be practising, and the natural gait that you will have once you become a skilled forefoot runner.


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